Ask a young African where all future economic opportunities lie in the world. Most often, they will say, Africa. They will talk about Africa's resources, youth, and culture. This begs the question of why Africans shy away from launching new ventures in the continent. There are numerous reasons for this? Lack of infrastructure, corruption, government, civil unrest, etc.

During this workshop, we will hack into some of these fears to determine their merits. Then, move beyond this fear through a design thinking process that enables participants to learn about developing low-risk prototypes for their ventures. Establish concrete steps to test these prototype and evaluate iterative next steps. The workshop will be a space for co-creation; there are no experts; it is an opportunity to challenge some of our assumptions and develop roadmaps for success within the continent. It is a chance for us to share our collective dream of the Africa we want.



Cedric Nwafor