Renowned speaker on African/African American History, Culture and Civilization


ASHRA KWESI is a historian (griot) and lecturer on ancient African history and religion. He reveals firsthand information from his field re- search at the ancient temples, tombs and papyrus papers recorded when African people were teach- ers of the world. His wealth of information and inspirational, visually documented presentations are based on over 3 decades of study and tour ex- perience in the African Nile Valley. He spent 14 of those years as an assistant, performing field research and conducting tours in Egypt and Ethiopia with the noted Kemetologist, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan.

Mr. Kwesi's wide-ranging study has also taken him to Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana. Additionally, he has documented information on African Nile Valley history at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, the British Museum in London, England and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Most recently, he presented his findings on ancient Kush at Addis Ababa Uni- versity in Ethiopia, the former palace of Emperor Haile Selassie.

This internationally recognized speaker has lectured at universities and for organizations in Egypt, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Great Britain, Ghana, Canada, and Japan, throughout the Caribbean and in the United States for three decades. Ashra Kwesi's multimedia, PowerPoint visually documented lectures include: The African Origin of Civilization, African Sacred Knowledge Hidden in America, African Origin of Biblical Stories, The African Origin of Freemasonry, the Origin of Christianity in Egypt and Ethiopia and Ethiopia: From the Ancient Kushites to the Black Lions.