The participatory, 60-minute workshop will focus on how Black masculinities are impacted by and are resistant to the colonial state of Canada. We will broadly discuss the impacts of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism on Black masculinities (gender identities and/or expressions) in Canada as context setting for our discussion. Some questions for the discussion will include: What have you experienced or observed about how Canada has responded to and marginalized Black/African descent masculinities? What have you experienced or observed about how Black/African descent masculine peoples resist targeting by the Canadian state? How are Black people who are not masculine (identity and/or expression) affected by the Black masculinities? More questions will be elicited from the participants for us to discuss? While this workshop is occurring in an academic context, our discussion will explore these contemporary issues beyond academia. Our discussion will centre the voices of Black people, and allies, especially Indigenous and other people of colour, are welcome to attend.