Co-Founder & Director of Operations of Farafena Health Inc

Dylan Beechey

Dylan is a doer, fixer and problem solver. He has spent most of his professional career in a range of operations roles in the tech and telecom industry as well as managing small and medium size customer service teams. Dylan operates off a very simple belief: the better a social enterprise can do to improve the lives of others, the better we all do. No surprise then, that he came to co-found Farafena, which grew out of an idea rooted in a very simple concept: connect two continents through the power of healthy eating and it will lead to community upliftment. .

“Anyone can be a change-agent for betterment. We all have the same ability to do it. One voice becomes two. Two becomes four. Thousands upon thousands of people now know about Farafena and what we are about. This is the power of a singular good idea.”