Participants will explore notions of education leadership in terms of Race, and “leading from where we are“ a practice of placing a Black/African students at the centre of their own learning.

I will facilitate from the perspective of being an experienced Principal in the Toronto District School Board, from my recent role as Principal of The Africentric Alternative School, and as a parent, and as current doctoral student in Leadership in Higher, and Adult Education at OISE UT.

Much of the scholarship about achievement in education, centres school leadership as a key element of schooling outcomes. This workshop will help us explore how leadership, and leadership practices might be reimagined in order that the achievement trajectory of students of African heritage be persistently at or above the standards established as general schooling outcomes.

Student achievement data here in North America, points to significant underachievement being experienced by students of Black/African heritage. Considering our context of world economics and power structures, systems of persistent oppressive practices, and discourses regarding notions of Black/African Peoples. How might educating students be reframed so that Black/African students are appropriately centred in the process of their education?



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