Enter the femme fatale…. You’ve seen her before. She is the siren, luring sea fearing sailors to their untimely death. She is Delilah, running her long, elegant fingers through Samson’s locks.

The Femme Fatale is a woman so beguiling that she leads a man to his ruin. She is an ancient character that reflects both male awe and male angst surrounding female sexuality. She represents both the threat of female agency, as well as the magnificence of women who completely own their feminine power.

But what if we have this character all wrong? What if the real reason we label magnetic, powerful women ‘deadly’ is to discourage women from pursuing their path to freedom?  

Our society has done much to warp our notion of femininity, defining it in ways that support male domination and white supremacy. The  Afro Femme Fatale unpacks the often untold history of the Black siren, while challenging contemporary notions of sex, race and power.



AYesHa faines