What is the narrative of African leadership? What story /personal narrative of African leadership gives you hope (real or imagined)? What narrative do you want (and don’t want) for African Futures? How do these narratives influence you? What is your contribution to owning the African futures you want? What is your first action? Participants in Leadership Narratives and African Futures will journey through these questions, using structured storytelling, narrative inquiry exercises and group processes – a Designing Narrative Futures Process. The premise of this workshop is that personal and collective transformations required to design preferred futures rest on a clear sense of identity and contribution by all. Short readings from the We Will Lead Africa non-fiction anthology series will be used to anchor the three acts of the process. These stories highlight where designed futures are already happening by inspiring everyday African leaders on and off the continent. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to unpack dominant narratives and assumptions and design/imagine preferred futures. You will leave with ONE action as your first step to creating the African Futures we want and be part of what is already happening for change, transformation and progress on the continent.



Yabome gilPin-jackson