Founder and Chairman of Farafena Health Inc

Oumar Togola

Oumar has Africa running through his veins. He was born in Mali, but also spent much of his childhood in Benin, Chad and Burkina Faso. When you are from Africa you have a deep appreciation for the bounty of the soil. As well as the wellbeing of your people. Both of which put Oumar on a course to bring nutrient-rich African food to the world, at the same time giving directly back to the women farmers and communities that farm Farafena products. A partnership that grows people who grow health-giving food. Now based in Canada, Oumar’s entrepreneurial spirit coincides with his desire to give back to the communities his family lived in. Oumar’s background in business and strong family ties to Mali have been instrumental in establishing a systematic partnership with farmers at the grassroots level, as well as strong relationships with investors and partners in Canada. As founding Chairman of Farafena, he has attracted like-minded team members, all of whom believe that they, too, can put Mali on the map as the centre of African trade….and make a world of difference.

“When we share a common purpose as people, a mutual desire to bring about the betterment of lives for one and all through food and upliftment, then the light of this world begins to burn a little brighter.”