Over the last decade––from Y'en a Marre in Senegal, Balai Citoyen in Burkina Faso, to most recently the uprising in Sudan––social movements are changing the political landscape in Africa. While they have thrown abusive rulers from office, they have been less successful in bringing about systemic change in the day-to-day lives of Africans, or even at projecting a vision for what that change should be. In this workshop, which will be co-facilitated by Fred Bauma, a leader of LUCHA from the DR Congo, we will ask what kind of alternative futures social movements could be projecting. We will ask what role heroes from the past have, the role art and multimedia can play, whether any of these issues can be talked about separately from the economic and political position that Africa has in the world. 

We will introduce the workshop and then hunker down to debate questions like:

What kind of economic system should activists be projecting? 

Is that question separate from this one: "What is the role of artists in the emancipation of the African continent?" 

How can we draw on customs, heroes, and myths of the past without reproducing gendered and chauvinistic notions of identity? 


Jason stearns


Fred bauma