This is a multimedia, visually documented presentation. It will reveal first-hand information from Ashra Kwesi’s field research at the ancient temples, tombs and papyrus papers in the Nile Valley. Intriguing information recorded when African people were teachers of the world will come to life. The presentation will also uncover the ancient history of African Nile Valley civilization. Builders, such as Imhotep, the world’s first physician, architect, and Grand Master Teacher will be discussed. Viewers will learn about the history of the pyramids and Sphinx and their spiritual connection to Heaven and Earth. The workshop will also uncover the African sciences, religion and philosophy, as well as the African mystery schools, which were prototypes for the world’s first universities. Both Black and White people are common victims of a false tradition about African history. The African Stolen Legacy from the Books in Stone will help in revealing some of the true history of Africa.